Small Beauty Blender - Set Of 3

Small Beauty Blender - Set Of 3

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Our Makeup Sponge is the most versatile makeup tool available for achieving a professional look!

The next-generation Makeup Sponge from Cs Essentials gives you an even blend without absorbing excess product and allows you to finish your makeup application in less time and with fewer products.

Top tip: Our blender works like magic - all you have to do is wet the blender a little bit and make it damp - then use and blend that foundation like magic.

What makes this latex-free sponge the best?

Lines & streaks: Cs essentials beauty blenders effectively remove harsh lines and creases in your makeup application, even in the most difficult-to-reach corners of your face. There are no streaks or lines on your Skin due to using them.

 Natural Look: After applying the foundation, it mixes the products as if they were not on the face, giving you a flawless appearance. Use this soft sponge to blend any makeup or foundation to achieve an even look.

Safe for all skin types: People with scars, acne marks, uneven skin tones, burns - need not worry. Our blender helps cover all hiccups and enables you to get the look you aim for!

Ensures eye safety: The area around the eyes is extremely delicate; our beauty blender's tip is designed to make blending around this area as easy and comfortably soft as possible.