Skinn Treat Face Oil - 30 ML

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Feel fresh, pure, and confident after treating yourself with CS's Skinn Treat Face oil.

It's the only product that can treat your skin problems and give you your dreamy, radiant, gleaming, and clear complexion.

The oil removes excess grease from your face. It helps stabilize and regulate the Skin's natural oil, resulting in a no greasy appearance. The oil gets absorbed quickly into the areas that require the most hydration, making it an excellent makeup primer.

It's a skincare product that
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Protects the skin
  • Shrinks pores
So fragrant. So fresh!

What makes the Cs organic facial oil the most effective?

Reduces wrinkles: Free radical damage results from unprotected UV exposure, which means wrinkles and sunspots galore. Cs face oils are high in antioxidants, slowing down the aging process by minimizing wrinkles.

Suitable for dry Skin: Low temperatures and cranked-up heaters rob the Skin of moisture. Oils are the ideal antidote for dry, flaky skin, and they can hydrate Skin far better than over-the-counter creams.

Protects Skin: Oils can penetrate deep into the Skin due to their hydrophobic nature, locking in moisture while keeping toxins and other irritants out. These oils also help to strengthen your skin texture.

Shrinks enlarged pores: Cs facial oil contains 100 percent natural ingredients. It draws dirt and oil out of pores, making them smaller and less visible.