Miley (R006)

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Make your blink worth a hundred utterances!

Miley lashes are our most natural-looking lashes!

These gorgeous lashes are 

  • Made from natural hair 
  • Best suited for small and hooded eyes
  • Perfect for an everyday flawless look

Make-up tip: Add some colour to your eyes, ANY shade that goes with your outfit. Make a thin line from a contrasting colour (liner), stick on these lashes, and touch up with a layer of mascara!

You will definitely be a sight for sore eyes!

What makes Miley -natural human hair eyelashes the best?

  1. Handmade eyelashes: Cs Essential's Miley lashes are carefully crafted by hand, ensuring minute detailing to perfection. We take much pride in being a cruelty-free brand.
  1. Pure natural hair: The CS essential's Miley lashes are made with human hair, giving the most lifelike touch to the entire look! It takes away the only major problem - they don't look fake!
  1. Product reusability: Surprise, surprise! This product has no expiry date, so if you take good care of these, you can reuse them as many times as you like! The typical usage duration is 5+ times!

Product packages: These are available in 2 sets -

1) 1 pair in a box

2) 3 pairs in a box