Full Flamboyant Makeup Brush Set - Set Of 18 Brushes

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Do I need any other brush apart from these?

Not! We have all the brushes you'll need for a professional makeup look!

Brush sets from CS include a variety of brushes with luxuriously soft bristles that can give you a premium look and feel. They are ideal for both pros and beginners.

What makes the CS essentials make brushes the best?

Better Coverage: These are designed to pick up the optimum quantity of product with the least amount of waste and blend uniformly, resulting in a faultless base. They are most effective in terms of covering every corner of your face.

Long - Lasting: We swear by the quality of our brushes; they are super easy to maintain and will be with you for the long run.

Even Application: Made of fine quality hair, they ensure even distribution of the product on the face.

One Time Investment: Investing in higher-quality brushes is a one-time investment that will spread excellent results over a longer duration.

Product Packaging -
  • 18 brushes in total ;
  • 10 for eye application
  • 8 for face application