Eye Liner Brush - E7

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Our eyeliner brush is a top seller, loved by one and all.

The final look is made by the precision & perfection of your eyeliner; don't risk using the wrong brush for this task!

  1. The natural bristles on this brush are of the best quality, allowing you to draw the exquisite and most precise lines possible - even in the stiffest, faintest, and most tricky areas of your eyes and lashes.
  2. Thanks to our bristles' fine wood materials for handlebars and fibres, you can always count on CS brushes to make you look beautiful, lively, and intriguing.
  3. Our brush handles are comfortable to hold, manoeuvre, and use. Our brushes deliver the smooth look you want while remaining soft and gentle on your skin, whether trying to create fine lines on your lashes or reaching hard and tricky parts of your eyes.